Bigg Boss Malayalam: Who among the 5 will be Eliminated this Week?

In the August 13th episode five housemates are selected as for elimination. The candidates are namely, Aristo Suresh, Srinish Aravind, Ranjini Haridas, Pearle Maaney, Archana Susheelan. This week is one of the most sensational week as the strongestcandidates are on the verge of elimination or eviction this week. So audience can cast their bigg boss malayalam vote to their favorite candidates whom you wish to be a part of the show or game show.

Likewise the other versions of the bigg boss reality show, the same has got an immense popularity among the malayalee audience through the malayalam version of bigg boss. The show has started off on 24th June 2018 and the same has covered so many episodes and evictions or eliminations through bigg boss malayalam voting process.

So in this article we will just go through the various methods of bigg boss malayalam vote that can be done by the audiences.

Online Voting Method

In the online method of voting, you can search for the terms like bigg boss malayalam voting to directly see the google online voting for the game. You will have 50 votes per day that can be given to your favorite participants whom you would like to exist in the bigg boss house.

This online google voting is the  method for the audience to cast their vote and to show their support to their favorite candidates. IF you support strongly by giving the maximum vote, the respective candidate will be saved. ie, the thing is that, the participant or contestant with maximum vote will be saved and can continue in the game till the next elimination.

The easiest method to vote for your contestants is the google voting method. Asianet channel has partnered with the Google company to be a polling or voting platform for the revolutionary game show. So the same you see at the Google search page is official voting platform. You can just sign into to the google account and can cast your vote to your beloved contestants.

SMS Voting Method

This is an another voting method for audience who is not comfortable with the online google voting. By using this method you can vote for your favorite candidates via SMS. For this, you have to type ‘BB contestant’s name’ and send to 57827 . For ex. If you have to vote for Srinish, type “BB Srinish” and send the message to 57827. That’s it..

You can check the complete details about the bigg boss malayalam voting here:

Missed call voting

This is also an another prominent method used in other version of the show like Tamil, Hindi, Marathi etc. But the method id still not available in the bigg boss malayalam vote system.

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