Educational Scheme

The 4% donation received from loanee Waqfs on the outstanding, as well as the interest accrued on the Bank deposits of the Revolving Fund, form the Education Fund of the Council. This Fund is utilised for implementing the following programmes;
i) Matching Grant to the State Waqf Boards for providing scholarship in their respective States to the Higher Secondary, Madarsa students and to the students undergoing Technical/Professional Diploma Courses;
ii) Grant for the establishment of I.T.Is. in the Muslim concentrated areas;
iii) Financial assistance to Voluntary Organizations for Vocational Training Centres;
iv) Financial assistance to Libraries for developing Book Bank; and

  1. v) Ad-hoc grant/emergency grant for admission in professional courses and fee for coaching of competitive exams to the poor and needy students.
    Till 2007-08, Council had scholarship and Ad-hoc grant programmes for poor and needy students. In this, the Council had granted scholorship to 12,952 students of Technical Degree courses like MBBS, BUMS, BAMS, B.Tech and B.Sc. (Ag) etc. and Ad-hoc grants to 6,366 Poor and Needy Students of general degree courses.The Scholarship/Ad-hoc grant scheme of the Council has been discontinued, owing to the implementation of the similar scheme of Ministry of Minority Affairs Government of India. Now for all type of scholarship, please visit the website of the Ministry of Minority Affairs.

    Up to March 31, 2012, under the programme of vocational training, 628 Voluntary Organisations/ Technical Institutes have been assisted. Similarly, under the scheme for setting up I.T.Is., the Central Waqf Council has approved twenty I.T.Is. in the Muslim concentrated areas.

Development of Urban Waqf Properties

  1. With a view to protect vacant Waqf land from encroachers and to develop it on commercial lines for generating more income in an order to widen welfare activities, Central Waqf Council has been implementing this scheme since 1974-75 with yearly grant-in-aid from the Central Government. Under the Scheme, loan is extended to various Waqf Institutions in the Country for taking up economically viable buildings on the Waqf land such as commercial complex, marriage halls, hospitals, cold storage etc. For this, the Central Government has released a total grant-in-aid amounting to Rs. 42 crores 26.41 lakhs only between September 1974 to March, 2014, and in turn the Central Waqf Council has extended loan to 137 projects approved by the Council as well as by the Government of India. Out of these 137 projects 85 projects have been completed in all respect and are yielding income. The loan amount is repaid to the Council by the loanee institutions in easy instalments and the amount thus repaid forms  Revolving Fund, which is again utilized for advancing loans up to Rs. 50 lakhs to the Minor Development Projects on Waqf properties. From this Fund, the Council had released a sum of Rs. 5 crores 29.11 lakhs to 91 projects  out of which 79 projects have been completed.
    Therefore, with the total grant-in-aid of Rs. 42 crores 26.41 lakhs received by the Council, it has been able to get 163 projects completed and the work on the remaining sites is in nearing completion. This has received appreciation of all sections of the society describing it a magic of management. The grant-in-aid received by the Central Waqf Council is forwarded to the loanee Waqf in the form of interest free loans for the Development of Urban Waqf Properties while the Council bears the entire expenditure on the staff working in the Scheme as well as other expenses on paper, postage etc. Against this service rendered by the Council, it puts two conditions on the loanee Waqf institutions i.e.
    (i) they would pay 4% donation on the outstanding loan to the Education Fund for the Educational Scheme of the Council meant for educational upliftment of the poor  Muslims;
    (ii) after the repayment of the loan, they would spend 40% of their enhanced income on the  education of the Muslims particularly on the technical educations.

Under the above scheeme, the proposal are recieved through the respective State Waqf Board with prior permission of the state government. The important criteria to process the case is economic viability of the project on a Waqf land, free from encrumbence.

  1.         Scheme for Strengthening of State Waqf Boards

As per the decision of the Standing Finance Committee (SFC) meeting held on 27/12/2013 for the Scheme of Strengthening of State Waqf Boards, Central Waqf Council has been involved by the Ministry of Minority Affairs as the implementing agency of the above scheme during the 12th plan period. The scheme provides for financial assistance to the State Waqf Boards through Central Waqf Council for protection, development and better management of  Auqaf all over the country.

In line with the above decision, Central Waqf Council executed the Memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the Ministry of Minority Affairs on 31/12/2013. Thereafter, Ministry of Minority Affairs released a sum of Rs. 80.00 lakhs as first instalment to the Council under the above scheme. The Council is in the process of identifying the support mechanism for release of funds to the State Waqf Boards. In the meantime, second instalment of Rs. 1.11 crore has been released by the Ministry of Minority Affairs to the Council on 28/02/2014.

The Scheme provides financial assistance to the State Waqf Boards to strengthen the Legal Section/Accounts Section/Removal of Encroachment & opening of Zonal Offices of the State Waqf Boards as these are critical areas of operation of the Boards and unless these areas are strengthened it would not possible for the Boards to function effectively. However, as per the scheme the earmarked amount available for release year wise is yet to be finalised by the Ministry of Minority Affairs as the modalities for the implementation of the above Scheme are yet to be workedout.

Since, total amount of Rs. 1.91 crore has been received as Grant in Aid under the Scheme, the proposed action plan is as under:-

(a)       During first quarter of the financial year 2014-15, proposals would be sought from the State Waqf Boards about their present status, further requirement in respect of Legal/Accounts/Enforcement set up.

(b)       During the second quarter, first instalment of 75% would be released to the State Waqf Boards

(c)       Second instalment of 25% would be released to the Waqf Boards upon receipt of utilisation certificate of first instalment alongwith progress cum outcome report from the beneficiary Waqf Boards which would be submitted to the Ministry of Minority Affairs.



  1. Scheme for computerization of the Records of the State Waqf Boards

As per the decision of the Standing Finance Committee (SFC) meeting held on 27/12/2013 for the Scheme of computerization of the Records of the State Waqf Boards Central Waqf Council has been involved by the Ministry of Minority Affairs as the implementing agency of the above scheme during the 12th plan period. The Committee has also decided to change the Scheme guidelines and get the balance work done by hiring some outsource agency.

In line with the above decision, Central Waqf Council executed the Memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the Ministry of Minority Affairs on 31/12/2013. Thereafter, Ministry of Minority Affairs released a sum of Rs. 2.50 crores as first instalment to the Council under the above scheme.

Accordingly, Expression of Interest (EOI) in sealed cover has been sought from the reputed agencies to complete the remaining work of WAMSI as is outlined in the Scheme, by giving advertisement in the official website of CWC,  Ministry of Minority Affairs and leading newspapers of New Delhi/Kolkata/Chennai/ Mumbai/Bengaluru/Hyderabad. In response to the above advertisement 15 agencies had submitted their proposal which were opened on 23/12/2013 by a committee consisted of Director (Waqf), Technical Director (NIC) and the undersigned.

Based on the criteria and conditions of the EOI, 8 agencies have been found to be eligible. However, as required Request for Proposal (RFP) could not be finalized due to lack of technical expertise in house and the exact quantum of work to be outsourced has not been identified for each property. Hence, holding the preparation of the RFP and it is expected to be completed shortly by engaging & hiring a technical agency or expert.

Once, the RFP is ready for circulation amongst the eligible short listed agencies, necessary proposals would be obtained and finalized. Moreover, the volume of work is large and covered throughout the country. Therefore, it may require more numbers of agencies to con-currently carried out the assigned work so as to complete within a shortest possible time.


List of Minister & Principal Secretary/Secretary  (Waqf ) of all States

1. Shri Mohd. Ahmadullah,

Minister for Minorities Welfare, Waqf, Urdu Academy, Government of A.P., Room No.810, 8thFloor, J-Block, A.P.  Secretariat, Hyderabad


(Code 040)



09652708538 (M)

2. Shri Omar Jalil , IAS                    

Special Secretary to Govt. of A.P.

Minorities Welfare Department, Room No.106, Ground Floor, A-Block, A.P. Secretariat, Hyderabad – 500 002




23452114 (Fax)


  ASSAM (Code 0361)
3. Dr. Nazrul Islam

Minister for Minorities Welfare & Waqf, Civil Supplies & C.A.

Govt of Assam, E-Block, State Civil Secretariat,

Dispur, Guwahati – 781 006



4. Shri Biswa Ranjan Shewal ,

Principal Secretary to the

Govt of Assam,

Minorities Welfare & Development Deptt.,

C.M. Block, State Civil Secretariat,

Dispur, Guwahati – 781 006




  BIHAR (Code 0612)
5. Shri Shahid Ali Khan 

Minister, Minority Welfare Department,

Incharge of Waqf,

Government of Bihar,

Old Secretariat, Patna – 800 015



6. Shri Amir Subhani, IAS 

Principal Secretary,

Minority Welfare Department & Waqf,

Government of Bihar, Barrack No.6,

Main Secretariat, Patna – 800 015






  CHHATTISGARH (Code 0771)
7. Shri Kedar Kashyap,

Minister for SC-ST Development, Backward & Minor Development, Backward & Minor Development, PHE BJP,

C – 3, Forest Colony, Rajatalab, Raipur Chhattisgarh

07867 – 282774

(M) 09424105555

0771 – 4080906


8. Shri Manoj Kumar Pingua,

Secretary for C.G Govt., SC-ST Development,

Government of Chhatisgarh,

Room No.201, D.K.S. Bhawan, Mantralaya, Raipur




Fax 2510062

(M) 09424243600

  GUJARAT (Code 079)
9. Shri Bhupendra Singh Chudasna  ,

Hon’ble Minister of Legal Affairs & Minister Incharge of Waqf, Govt of Gujarat, Block No.1,

6th floor, Sachivalaya Gandhinagar



Ph.079 23238152, 23243506


10. Shri Bhupinder Singh Hooda, Hon’ble Chief Minister (Waqf Minister), 4th floor, Haryana Civil Sectt., Chandigarh


Ph.0172-2749396, 2749409



11. Shri P.K. Gupta , IAS,

Principal Secretary, Administration of Justice Deptt, Room No.45, 6th floor, Haryana Civil Sectt, Chandigarh


Ph.-0172-2711952, 2794918


(Code 080)
12. Shri Qamar-Ul-Islam , 

Minister of Waqfs, Haj & Minority Welfare,

Govt of Karnataka, Room No.244, 245, Vikas Saudha, Bangalore-560 001


13. Shri W.N. Baika Devi  

Principal Secretary (Waqf),  Government of Karnataka,

Room No.204,  Vikas Saudha, Bangalore

-560 001




  MADHYA PRADESH (Code 0755)
14. Shri Anter Singh

Minister Incharge of Waqf, Govt of M.P., Vallabh Bhavan, Bhopal




(O) 0755-2441377



15. Smt. Suranjan Ray (IAS),

Principal Secretary, Deptt of Minority Welfare and Backward Class, Govt of Madhya Pradesh, Mantralay Vallabh Bhavan, Bhopal (MP)







  MAHARASHTRA (Code 022)
16  Shri Arif Naseem Khan, Minister of Waqf, Govt of Maharashtra, Mantralaya, Mumbai – 400032



M-9820030382 / 022-22885104 / 22088510


17 Shri Manoj Sonik , IAS

Principle Secretary  (Waqf)

Govt of Maharashtra, Mantralaya, Mumbai – 400032



02222020615 / 22020092
  PUNJAB (Code 0172)
18.  Shri Sukhbir Singh Badal,

Dy Chief Minister, Punjab, Minister of Waqf, Govt of Punjab, Civil Sectt., Chandigarh




19. Shri D.S. Bains, Principal Secretary (Home), Govt of Punjab, Deptt of Home Affairs & Justice, Judicial-I Branch, Civil Sectt Chandigarh




M-7508300001, Ph.0172-2742771






  RAJASTHAN (Code 0141)
20. Shri Vasundhara Raje ,

Chief Minister & Incharge of Waqf ,

Sachivalaya, C-Scheme, Jaipur



21. Shri G.S. Sandhu ,

Principal Secretary,

Revenue, Colonisation, Waqf & Sainik,

Sectt. Main Building, Jaipur




  TAMIL NADU (Code 044)
22. Shri Abdul Raheem ,

Hon’ble Minister for Backward Classes and Minorities Welfare, Govt of Tamil Nadu, Fort St. George, Chennai 600009.





23. Dr. Arul Mohi , IAS,

Principle Secretary to Backward Classes and Minorities Welfare, Govt of Tamil Nadu, Fort St. George, Chennai 600009.




Fax 044-25670756


  TRIPURA (Code 0381)
24. Shri Sahid Choudhuri,

Minister for M.W. etc. Deptts. Govt of Tripura,  Old Sectt Complex, Agartala.





25. Shri Samarjit Bhowmick

Secy to the Govt of Tripura, Minority Welfare Deptt. Old Sectt Complex, Agartala.







  UTTAR PRADESH (Code 0522)
26. Shri Mohammad Azam Khan,

Minister of Minority Affairs, Haj & Waqf,

16, Navin Bhawan, Vidhan Sabha,




27. Shri Divesh Chaturvedi

Principal Secretary, Minority Welfare & Waqf,

401, Bapu Bhawan, Lucknow





  UTTARAKHAND (Code 0135)
28. Shri HArish Rawat,

Chief Minister, Utrarakhand, Minister for  Minority Welfare,

Vidhan Bhawan, Uttarakhand, Dehradun




2712827 (fax)

29. Shri Ajay Prabhot ,

Secretary, Minority Welfare,

Uttarakhand Govt





2712802, 2712096

  WEST BENGAL (Code 033)
30. Ms. Mamata Banerjee ,

Chief Minister of West Bengal,

Minorities Affairs and Madrasah Education,

Govt. of West Bengal, Writers’ Building,

Kolkata – 700001



22145555, 22145588



31. Shri Ghayasuddin Mulla ,

Minister of State ,

Minority Affairs & Madarasa Education,

Govt. of West Bengal, Writers’ Building,

Kolkata – 700001





32. Shri Saeedul Islam

Principal Secretary

Minority Affairs & Madarasa Education,

Govt. of West Bengal, Writers’ Building,

Kolkata – 700001 Chairman,






33. Shri Mohanjeet Singh ,

Commissioner  (Revenue/Waqf)

Andaman & Nidobar








  DADRA & NAGAR HAVELI (Code 0260)
34. Shri G.S. Meena

Collector, Survey Commissioner, Waqf

Secretariat Dadra & Nagar Haveli,



Fax 2642787

Matching Grant to State Waqf Boards

The State Waqf Boards are eligible to get 50% matching grant from Central Waqf Council, the upper limit of which is presently Rs.50,000/- only. The matching grant is given for the purpose to disburse the scholarship to the students of higher secondary/madarsa/ITI/polytechnic. The State Waqf Boards interested in the scheme may apply to the Council with indication of their share along with the utilization certificate with list of the students covered in the scheme of the previous year, if any.

Book Bank/ Library

The scheme was launched with a view to mitigate the difficulty of non-availability of the books to the poor students. Under the scheme, the books may be issued to such poor and needy students in the beginning of the academic year and the same may be returned by the students at the end of the academic year. The financial assistance for developing the book bank in the school libraries is given by the Council to the approved school. The application proforma for the same may be downloaded from the website of the Council.

The Educational and Women Welfare Committee of the Council held its meeting on 21st March, 2013 had recommended the following amount to the recognized school for developing Book Bank in the Libraries:


Sl.No. Name of the Library Recommended Grant
Hira Model High School-Nirmal  Hira Colony, Moghalpura, P.O.-Nirmal-504106 Dist.- Adilabad 25,000/-
Kurnool Universal Educational Society,

32/358, Gadda Street, Kurnool – 518001

Ansarul Uloom Educational Trust, Dardha, Mohammadpur, Badal, Madhopur Silout, Muzaffarpur – 843119 23,700/-
Darul Uloom Rizvia,

Bara Chakia, East Champaran – 845412

Jamia Umme Salma, AT & Post Santha,

District Kishanganj – 855115

Madarsa HanfiaVill.-Nadaura Post-Phulwaria Baheri Dist.- Gaya 25,000/-
Madarsa Sirajul UloomVill.- Gerwaghat P.O. Jagdishpur Via.- SemapurDist.- Katihar-854115 25,000/-
Shatabdi Public School

Katihar Hill Road, Gaya -823001

R.P.S. Aims Institute of Education

Kangan Distt.-GanderbalPin Code-191202

Sir Syed Memorial Institute of Foundation,

Behrote, Rajouri

Bangalore Premier D.Ed. College, #30, 2nd Main, Gandhi Nagar, Near Railway Gate, Kadugondanahhalli, Nagawara Main Road, A.C.Post, Bangalore-560 045 25,000/-
H.A.E.T., Teachers Training Institute

#30, 2nd Main, Gandhi Nagar, Near Railway Gate, Kadugondanahalli, Nagaware Main Road, A.C. Post, Bangalore-560 045

Saint Tact English School & Ghousa Madrasa

No. 566, 2nd Main, Kushal Nagar, K.G. Halli, Bangalore

Feroz Shah Memorial Education Society, S.S. Patil Apartment, 2nd Floor, Aiwan-e-Shahi, Gulbarga – 25,000/-
Jamia Nooria Azizia, Millat Nagar Colony, sharm Kalyan, Ghoghar, Rewa- 486001 25,000/-
Madarsa Maktabe Hind, H. No. 49, Near Sikandar Jhan Masjid, Bagh Farhat Afza, Bhopal 25,000/-
Madarsa Hazrat Bilal  ( R) 196, Atal Nehru Nagar, Bhanpur, Vidisha Road, Bhopal 25,000/-
Zeenat-E-Ilm, Madarsa,H.No. 6, Gali No. 2, Islami gate, Shahjahanabad, Bhopal 25,000/-
Fatima Junior High School Village Makhiyali kalan P.O.- LaksarHaridwar U.K.-247 663 25,000/-
Ariful Uloom Dini Talimi Society,

Matipur Post Manota, Sambhal (Bheem Nagar)

Iqra Public School, Iqra Colony, Sir Syed Nagar, Aligarh – 202002 25,000/-
Marghoob Hussian Turkey Public School,

Shahbazpur Kalan Asmoli,District Moradabad

Madarsa Abdul Majid Academy,

Vill Khojipur, Chhibramau, Kannauj

Madarsa Ahle Sunnat, Mohalla Jama Masjid Town Joya, Tehsil Amroha,Distt. J. P. Nagar 25,000/-
Madarsa Sharifan Uloom,

Islam Nagar, Saurikh Kannauj

Madarsa Qadriya Tartoosia Zameerul Uloom,

Meerpur Saqi, Sambhal, District Bheemnagar

Madarsa Waheed ul Uloom Muslim Deeni Talim Educational Society, Mandi Milak, Hisampur, Moradabad 25,000/-
Madarsa Jamia Siddiqia, Dr. Imran Building, Abid Nagar Teela, Karula Moradabad 25,000/-
Madarsa Waseemul Uloom,

Gram, Hatwa, Post Dindoli, J.P. Nagar

Manav Kalyan Shiksha Samiti,Runs by Madarsa Jamia Siddiqia, Peerghalib Police Chowki, Marino Tailor,Moradabad 25,000/-
Darul Ulama, Chamunda Wali Gali,

Barwalan, Moradabad – 244001

M.B. Educational & Welfare Society,

Vill & Post Radhna Inayatpur, Meerut

Md. J.B.G. National College,

Basti Nagar, Chhimbramau, Kannauj

Mairaj Public  School,

Dhakya, Joya, District J.P. Nagar

Maulana Azad Institute of Humanities, Science & Technologies, Mahmudabad, Sitapur 25,000/-
Mother Teresa P.J. High School, Mohamadi Sarai, Amroha, District J.P. Nagar 25,000/-
Mother Halima Central School,

Zeregular(Near Muqeemganj), Varanasi

Shamsuddin Memorial Shikshan Vikas Santhan,

Vikas khand & Post Kundarki, District Moradabad

Shahid Khan Kishan Public Primary School

Managed by Kisan Public Welfare Shiksha Samiti, Vill Mahmoodpur Mafi, Tehsil Bilari, District Moradabad

Shaheed Ashfaque Ullah Khan Memorial Society,

76, Jail Road, Pratapgarh

S. M. Public School,

Gram Taharpur, Block Kundarki, District Moradabad

S.R. Convent Junior High School,

Bijnor Road, Amroha – 244221,J.P. Nagar

Usmania Islamic High School,

Qaisarganj, Bahraich – 271903

Ameer Ali Shah Modern Junior High School,

Seohara – 246746, Bijnor

Belgachia Muslim Jr. High School,

1/6/1/B/1, J.K.Ghosh Road, Kolkata-700037

Total 10,92,700/-